michael kors outlet uk Cabela’s distribution centre packs up for Calgary

Cabela’s distribution centre packs up for Calgary

"We have offered to assist Cabela’s and all affected workers with labour adjustment services to help these workers transition into new jobs. The province can help with retraining, job searching and financial planning," the spokeswoman said.

The company’s distribution centre is located on Pandora Avenue in Transcona. According to various media reports, the move will affect about 50 employees. The company’s head office, including its more than 100 employees, is staying put.

The comings and goings of a business’s operations don’t usually become political but both the NDP government and the Opposition Tories were quick to comment on Cabela’s on Monday.

PC leader Brian Pallister said he was "really disappointed" to hear the news and called the retailer a "great" member of the Winnipeg business community.

"It’s a shame but business goes where it’s wanted and this government has made sure people know that business isn’t wanted here," he said.

He added he’s worried about business cutbacks becoming a trend in the province, pointing to Maple Leaf Foods’ decision last month to close its Panet Road plant, a move that will impact 30 workers.

The government was quick to respond, citing a recent KPMG report that said Winnipeg is the most competitive city in North America’s Midwest in which to conduct business. Manufacturers such as Boeing and New Flyer are currently expanding their Winnipeg operations, moves that will create more local jobs, said spokeswoman Rachel Morgan.

She said the government is helping these and other manufacturers, including Winpak in Winnipeg and Valeant in Steinbach, train their workers as they expand.

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