cheap ray bans How to Check and change the engine air filter in a car

How to Check and change the engine air filter in a car

Kim the in house mechanic for Driverside shows you how to quickly and easily replace your cars air filter. The reason you would need to change your air filter is that over time the flow is reduced which consequently reduces your car’s gas mileage. To change your air filter you first need to locate it on your car. The air filter is under the hood and usually in a box that either has clips of fillip’s head screws holding the cover on. Remove these to gain access to your filter. From there you can look to see if you filter is dirty and replace it if necessary. When you’ve finished simply reattach the cover with the screws or clips and you’re good to go.

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to check and replace the cabin air filter of a car. Most cabin air filters are located behind the glove box of the car. Now go into the car and remove the glove box and put it aside. Some cars may need the glove box to be unscrewed. Now reach in and remove the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one. Once finished, simply put back in all the parts. This video will benefit those viewers who have a vehicle and would like to learn how to change the air filter to allow clean ventilation through the car.

In this tutorial, we learn how to change the engine and oil filter on a Mercedes car. First, find the oil drain plug underneath the car. Remove this, then let it drain into a pan until it finished leaking out. From here, you will place the drain plug back on, then fill up the vehicle with the correct type of oil from the hood of the car. Then, find where the oil filter is and remove it from the car. Place in the new filter, then tighten all bolts you removed. Check the level in the car to make sure there enough oil, then you are finished!.

In this video, Ed Kriston from AAA Midatlantic explains how to winterize your car. He first talks about the fuel systems. The fuel pump and fuel filter are inside the tank, and lines and hoses run from the tank to the engine. He points out the fuel lines and injectors in the engine, and recommends that you make sure there are no leaks in the lines and hoses. He demonstrates how to remove and examine the air filter and shows one that is dirty that should be replaced. A dirty air filter will compromise engine performance. This video is helpful for anyone interested in learning about.

In this video we learn how to change your engine oil and filter. First, make sure you can go underneath your vehicle. If not place it up on jacks so you can go underneath. After this, find the oil can and then remove the drain plug from it. Let the oil drain into an oil pan until it no longer drains from the car. Next, replace the plug on the bottom of the oil tank and then pop the hood on your vehicle. Remove the cap for the oil tank and then pour your new oil into it. After this, you will replace the cap on the oil tank and then turn the engine one. Check your oil to make sure it filled up.

Watch this video to learn how to do an oil change yourself just using a jack, two jack stands, wrenches, a oil filter wrench, some old rags, oil pan, oil filter, and oil. Just find the oil filter, jack up the car, situate the jack stands, and you ready to start. Once underneath, locate the drain plug, unscrew the bolt, and let it drain. After it drains screw the bolt back on, and find your oil filter. Grab the old filter and twist it off, clean the surrounding area, then replace with the new filter, hand tightening. After getting out from under the car, open the engine compartment, and.

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