cheap moncler uk Dance Team Auditions

Dance Team Auditions

The UCLA Dance Team is the officially recognized Dance Team for the university. The team performs and travels to support the UCLA Athletic Department throughout the season. We hold high standards for our dancers: excellent technique, flexibility and tricks including turns, leaps, triple turns, fouetts, switch leaps and leg holds (tumbling is not required). The Dance Team learns more than 50 routines to music by the UCLA Bruin Marching Band and recorded music for competition routines and basketball half time performances. to work on dance technique and material for upcoming events throughout the summer and football games.

The team has the month of June off.

Workouts and practices begin July through the beginning of fall quarter.

Full squad is required to attend Boot Camp in August. with additional rehearsals scheduled during evenings and weekends when practice space is available.

Tuesday mornings are reserved for workouts.

Dance members are required to find an additional two times during the week to maintain their individual workout from the personal trainer.

Typically, workouts are with our trainer, Stacey Herring, on the track for the first hour and weight room for the second hour.

community service events including: performances at local middle and high schools, birthday parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.

Dancers are taught the Fight Song, Drum Cadence and Performance Routine.

Fight Song involves cheerleading, straight arm motions, and is performed with pom poms.

Drum Cadence is four 8 counts that repeat choreographed to "Ow!" by the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.

Performance Routine incorporates lyrical, thrash jazz and/or hip hop.

If the candidate makes it to the final round, the candidate will be asked to perform eight 8 counts of their own choreography. This is the candidate’s opportunity to demonstrate skills and personality that are not presented in the Fight Song, Drum Cadence or Performance Routine.

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