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Very much a woman who enjoys being a woman very feminine, warm, sensitive, compassionate and romantic. Equally confident, but not brash or arrogant even though I have strong opinions and can hold my own on most subjects. As a person I’m very intuitive and perceptive, perhaps a lot to do with my profession as it’s based around people and relationships. I’m looking for that special someone to share a truly unique and exclusive relationship, someone you connect on all levels where silences are never uncomfortable. I’m an old fashioned girl at heart so I have no interest in lots of dates or flings. I note a lot of men have added flings to their options, which is not for me. I consider myself as single, as I divorced many years ago and don’t want to be categorized by "divorced" hanging over me. I’m still on very amicable terms with my ex husband, even though he lives in Australia.

Physically definitely more Monroe than Moss but understated in my dress style, for special occasions probably veer towards a classic look with heels. Privately educated at a well known English girls school, nicely spoken with a soft, husky voice so I’m told. I have a playful, naughty streak an in sense of humor,out going but have a real sensitive side and am very compassionate and adore sharing with those I love.

I love to flirt over good food and wine, so yes I prefer real communication to ticking boxes, so I prefer to actually meet opposed to spending time ticking boxes. I want to find out about YOU by asking questions, interacting, discovering slowly those layers of your personality and character.

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